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What to Do if Your Roofing is Damaged by Hail

hail damage atlanta gaIf there is a hail storm in your area, it can easily remove the protective granules of your shingles, which leaves your shingles vulnerable to a huge amount of damage. That damage can turn into leaks in your roofing—however, those leaks can take years to develop, so taking care of hail damage in Atlanta as soon as possible is very important. If you wait until that leak has developed before you call a professional roofer, you'll be paying for much more intensive (and expensive) roof repairs.

At Atlanta's Roofing Solutions, we can provide you with high quality storm damage repairs when your roof has been damaged by hail. However, before you contact a professional, you may want to have a clearer idea of whether or not hail has actually damaged your home.

If you decide to check for hail damage on your own, you should make sure you do it safely. Wear shoes with a solid grip and stay away from the edges of the roof. Never hesitate to contact a professional Atlanta roofer for a roofing inspection.

How to Check for Hail Damage on Roofs

  1. Start by checking the other parts of your property. If any trees, shrubs, or other pants have been stripped of their foliage after a hail storm, it's a good sign they've been damaged by hail. Any metal structures around your home will also show apparent signs of hail storm damage. If these parts of your Atlanta home have been damaged by hail, there's a strong chance your roofing has as well.
  2. Check metal parts of your roofing. As with the metal parts of your property, any metal on your roofing will show apparent signs of hail damaged. Check flashing, vents, or valleys, and contact our roofers for a full inspection if you notice any signs.

After Checking for Hail Damaged Roofing in Atlanta

If you find any signs of hail damage with your roofing, you should contact our Atlanta roofers immediately to have your roofing inspected for needed storm damage repairs. We'll be able to find and eliminate problems before they're able to escalate and cause more issues for your roofing.

Does your roofing need hail damage repairs in Atlanta, GA? Call 404-287-7756 or complete our online request form.

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