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Help with Roofing Insurance Claims in Atlanta

insurance claims atlanta gaAfter any kind of unexpected roofing damaged is caused, you should be able to rely on your insurance company to provide you with the assistance you need to make any necessary repairs. It's important that these roof repairs are performed as soon as possible after the damage occurs. However, submitting a claim to your insurance company and working with them to get your coverage can be a long and difficult process.

At Atlanta's Roofing Solutions, Inc., our professionals can work between you and the insurance company to ensure that you're able to get all of the assistance that you deserve. The Atlanta roofer we send out to your home will be able to provide a thorough and accurate evaluation of the damage to your roofing and submit it to your insurance company. We'll work hard to make sure that your insurance company has all of the information that it needs, and we'll strive to make the process as quick and painless as possible. If you need to file roofing insurance claims in Atlanta or are looking for a roofing contractor experienced in this area of the industry, please give us a call today.

Our Process

  1. In order to ensure that all damage is fairly and accurately evaluated, we ask that your provide us with a copy of your insurance adjuster's summary.
  2. We create a contract that matches the work that your insurance adjuster specified in the summary report. We'll also include any supplementary work that the insurance adjuster might have missed.
  3. We'll fax the signed the contract to your insurance company.
  4. We complete the work after the approval of your insurance company.

Additional Tips for Roofing Insurance Claims in Atlanta

  • Take pictures: After the damage occurs to your property, take as many pictures as you can so that you'll have excellent proof of the damage.
  • Secure your property: Make sure that you secure any leaks and cover any holes in your roofing. It's very important to protect your home from further loss or damage.
  • Inspect the project: After our Atlanta roofing contractors have completed our work, make sure that you're totally satisfied with the repairs.

For more information on the work we do with insurance claims or would like to learn more about our other roofing services for Atlanta homes, give us a call today.

For services related to roofing insurance claims in Atlanta, please call Atlanta's Roofing Solutions, Inc. at 404-287-7756 or complete our online request form.

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